Thursday, May 17, 2012

VERY~ Belated April Favorites

OMG hi guys,

I've been gone for a while again... But I can't manage to juggle with school, social life and blogging.. And school is very important at the moment, so I kind of have to neglect my blog, sorry about that. And I know we're halfway May right now, but I don't know if I will do a May favorites post (or even have the time to do it OTL) so I'm just posting this anyways. 

Soo~ here are my April favorites :D 

click to enlarge~!

Sorry about the collage thingy I did, but my camera broke down and I can't use it, so I have to do it this way =.="

1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 (look >here< for my review)
I loove~ this so much! It provides perfect coverage on it's own, and works amazing mixed with my foundation (Catrice Infinite Matte Foundation). And the best thing is that it stopped breaking me out! I think it just gave up on trying to break me out, because I was too stubborn to stop using it lol >.< It's almost finished, so I have to get a new one.. And I'll probably get #13 instead of #21, because I feel like it'll match my skintone better ^^

2. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (look >here< for my review)

This has been my savior on those times of the month (if you know what I mean >.<) and made my breakouts go away much faster. But the only way this will work for me, is if I leave this overnight and not just for 15 minutes.. Either way, I just love this :D

3. Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer #3 Classic Beige
I've had this in my collection for a really long time now and I stopped using it, because it just wasn't giving me enough coverage for my extremely~ dark circles =.= But since I found that my Maybelline Super Stay 24H concealer looked a little cakey, I decided to mix the two. And it turned out great! My under eyes look a lot less cakey now, and also a lot brighter because of the 2 in 1 function (concealer & highlighter). 
But I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the packaging, love because it's a squeezy tube and hate because of the brush tip applicator. But I think I'll have to live with that..

4. Playboy Play It Lovely deodorant
Yeah.. I know this is really random, but I just love this! It smells really~ nice, very sweet but not overwhelming, and lasts really long too. But I don't think it would be enough for humid warm weather.. It's more like a 'pick-me-up' and refresher than as anti-transpirant.

5. GOSH Nail Polish in 'Bubblegum'
This has been the color I've been wearing the most in the month of April, and I just love it so much~! I'm a sucker for pink nail polishes, and especially for barbie/bubblegum pink polishes. I just think they look really cute and perfect for spring/summer. And it also makes my hands look tanner ^^ I only have to use 1 coat to make it look opaque (:

6. Catrice Crystal Clear Gloss Stick in 'Bird of Paradise' (from Papagena LE)
This is from the limited edition Papagena collection that came out last year around this time (may/june) and I loved this so much then. But I guess I just forgot about it after a while and stopped using it. But I decided to go trough my lipstick collection, and I saw this laying there, all neglected and sad.. 
And when I started using it again, I remembered why I loved this so much. It is the perfect combination of a lipgloss and lipstick, and it isn't extremely glossy which I love ^^. It smells amazing, leaves a very subtle color behind and is also pretty moisturizing as well. I don't even need a mirror to touch up, because it's as easy as applying lipbalm :D

7. Catrice Cream To Powder blush in 'A Woman's World' (one shade) (from feMALE LE)
I really wanted to do a review on this when it just came out, but I just didn't have the time to do it. I might do it when my camera get fixed.. 
I kind of stopped using blush, I don't know why.. But this really changed that!  It's really easy to apply, and the color is really~ pretty, a pinkish red which suits my skintone really well. The texture is great, it's a cream in the packaging but turns into powder when you apply it ^^ I've been using this every day and it gives me a really cute 'I-just-blushed' look ^__^

8. GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer
This is also one of those items I've owned for a long time now, and started using it again. I stopped using it because it broke me out, at least I thought so. And now I'm using it again, I didn't experience any breaking out, so that's a huge plus :D It creates a nice smooth surface for applying my foundation/bb cream and helps making it last longer. 

9. Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum
I don't really know what this perfume is called, but on the official website it says "The First Fragrance".. So I don't think it really has a name.. 
But anyways, this is AGAIN one of those items I've been owning for a while. I got this around fall last year, and I didn't really like it at first because it was too overwhelming/heavy. But for some reason I really like this now. It's really sweet but very spicy at the same time, and that was actually scared me away. But I got used to it, and can't live without it now! 
I should have gotten used to it in the winter, because this is definitely more of a winter scent, but I think I can use this in the summer as well :D It lasts really~ long, and 2/3 sprays of this will last me an entire day without re-spraying ^__^ 
I really like the bottle, it's so cute and original, and kind of reminds me of fairies or a fantasy forest lol >.< I have the 100 ml bottle, so I don't think I'll be running out of this soon ^^

10. Nivea All-In-One Ultra Purifiant Gel
I got a new facial cleanser, yay ^^ And I love it! It's a cleanser, scrub/peeling and mask in one, which is great. And it also, surprisingly, helped calming my occasional breakouts down. 
Surprising, because I never expect too much from drugstore anti-acne products, most of the time they don't do anything special for me. 
I actually ordered free samples from the dutch Nivea facebook page, but the free sample thing is over now.. So when I liked the samples I decided to purchase the full product :D 
I want to do a full review on this soon, but I can't say when, it really depends on when my camera gets fixed OTL. 

Ok so I decided to put my favorites for music too in my monthly favorites posts, so here are the two new albums I've been listening non-stop to ^^

~U-KISS - DoraDora~
~B.A.P - Power~

Well you guys know that I love kpop (and if you didn't, now you do ^^), and these two albums came out right after each other, DoraDora April 25th and Power the 27th, and I was in squealing fangirl mode the entire month of April lol >.<
I actually love the albums as a whole, so no particular songs c:

And go check out the MV's for the titel songs (omg I waited soo~ long for these, I was totally fangirling while watching them >.<):

Well those were all my favorites, I really hope you liked this post ^___^

Have a nice day and take care~ ^___~ 


  1. School is really important - no need to apologize for being busy! Amazing products. That nail polish colour is just so pretty!

    1. aww~, thank you so much for your understanding :D

  2. School takes up wayy too much of my time!! lol- Great products! I love the mask- I've tried it before and it's awesome.

    1. ohh yes it does :c & thank you, i know it's awesome right :D

  3. Great picks! I love the mint julep mask too! It's so refreshing and so affordable! :D xxx

    1. thanks :D i knoww, it's amazing ^___^

  4. great products!

  5. yeah! love all products on the picture *-* i find your blog so lovely and interesting *__*


  6. I'll check out the Gosh primer =) I've been looking for one !

    xxx Vee


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