Friday, March 09, 2012

~ My First Blog Award (*^▽^*)/ ! Blog Award Backlog ~

Hellooo~ (*^▽^*)/

I haven't posted anything for a week and I'm really sorry, but I had a pretty busy week with school and stuff, so I never got around to doing anything for my blog. I'm really working on doing more blog posts, so please bear with me ^___^" 

A week ago I received my very first blog award (yaaayyy~), but like I said, I didn't get around to doing a blog post on it. Beauty Makeup Addict nominated me, and I'm so sooo~~ thankful! Please go check her blog out, she's very talented! I'm so happy now, I just don't know what to say hehe >.<  
Let's just move on to the rules of the award:

1. Thank the person you received the award from
2. Say seven random things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers.

1~ I am afraid of spiders. Like really afraid. I get all shaky&sh*t when I see one O.O And when I see a tiny tiny spider, I look just like this:

Full credit goes to pikarar @ deviantArt

2~ I love kpop, kdramas and kvariety shows! For anyone who's wondering, I'm a huuuge fan of MBLAQ. (Btw while were on the kpop subject, did anyone see BIG BANG's new MV Fantastic Baby? It was awesomee~ *___*)

3~ I can't climb up a 15 ft wall with gymnastics, but I absolutely love rollercoasters, and preferably the highest/scariest ones... So, dunno if I'm afraid of heights or not...

4~ I haven't watched tv for nearly one and a half month.. 

5~ I want to go to South Korea soo bad! Actually me and my best friend Elli are already making plans to go there after graduating :D

6~ I started doing my make up when I was 13. Just some eyeshadow and mascara though (:

7~ I'm actually doing a self study Korean right now, by following some video lessons online and of course, watching a lot of Korean tv shows (:

*sigh* Finally done (: I had a pretty hard time coming up with 7 fact. It seemed like a easy thing to do, but I was like: ok here we go: 1) I hate spiders, 2) I love kpop, 3).......... O.O

Hehe anyways, I would like to pass this award to these awesome bloggers:

1. Amelia from Beauty Badger
2. Cominica from Cominica Beauty Blog
3. Miss LV from Miss LV
4. Imah from Exotic Way To Burn
5. Aki from Aki, Indulge fabulously daily
6. Tezza from Myteefine
7. Jill from Aqua Knock Out
8. Alice from Arsyparsy
9. Beauty Makeup Addict Beauty Makeup Addict
10. Katrien from OMG bows are so cute
11. Aly from seven things beauty
12. Joanne from UrHappyBunnie
13. Linny from The Thoughts Basket
14. Tram from beauty with the-beautifool
15. Julia from choo lee

Don't forget to visit their blogs, they all are great!
I also got another award, but I'll be doing a blogpost on that later. 
Have a nice day and Take caree~ ^___~


  1. Thanks for nominating me! Cute blog hun, love the panda background - too cute. I am following you xxx

    1. No problem! hehe I know it's cuutee~~!

  2. Congratz! : D The facts are interesting! : D

  3. thanks for ze award! I love kpop too! In Brunei, people are talking about Running Man, that variety amazing-race-kinda-thing show. lol!!


  4. Hi hunny!! ^_^ Thank you so much for the blog award!! :')

    Argh!! How can you self study Korean? :'( I always want to, but everytime I open up a webpage or video, I just give up!

    Hahaha :P I love 2NE1 for kpop !! ^_______^
    Have you seeen their PV of 'Scream'? GAHH!! <3

    1. Noo probs :D And about the self study korean : i don't know, but I;m just really really motivated by seeing all the amazing things in Korea (on pictures of course (TT^TT) ) and makes me wanting to be able to speak the language when I go there :D I started actually studying it this year, but before that I was already really into korean tv. For example, I can write in korean, read it (but not fully understand it) and understand a lot of words ^___^ the writing and reading is because of the self study, and understanding is just because of watching korean tv (:

      And I love 2ne1 too! And the Scream PV was incredible ~~!!

  5. Thanks so much hun for the award. I really appreciate it.

  6. thanks for tagging me! i'll try to do it soon ^^
    i'm scared of spiders too and the same feelings towards korea :D
    i'm slowly trying to learn also, very slowly haha

    1. no probs! you don't have to rush it or anything, do it whenever you ahve the time to do it :D

  7. Thanks Dear :* , wow I guess you're so into Korean right now XD XD , ganbatte with your Korean study, I did that too few years ago when I was still in Uni XD

    1. hehe yes I am >.< and thank you :D

  8. thank you for the award! I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner! thank you and you have a lovely blog!

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