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CLINIQUE Instant Perfector Pore Minimizer -REVIEW-

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This is my first post ever, and it's a review! I'm going to talk about the Clinique Instant Perfector Pore Minimizer

I got it at Sephora for €23 ($18), which is in my opinion a pretty reasonable price when you look at the quality of the product, and you get .5 fl. oz // 15 ml of product. There were two shades available at my Sephora, 01 Invisible Light and 02 Invisible Deep. Mine is in Invisible Light. And there is another shade called Invisible Bright, but it isn't available in The Netherlands (yet?), which is with the same pore minimizing and mattifying effect, but apparently brightens up (?) your face.. 

But anyways this is what Clinique says about the product:
"Look smooth and virtually flawless with pores that appear more than 50% smaller—instantly. Natural-looking matte finish lasts up to 8 hours. Resists sweat, humidity. In two skin tone shades or Invisible Bright for subtle brightening."
I got this because I heard a lot of good things about pore minimizers and I wanted to try one too. I originally wanted to get the Benefit POREfessional, but after a lot of research, reading a lot of reviews and having a comparison, I decided to get the Clinique one instead. 

I have combination skin, so my t-zone can be a bit oily sometimes, and this product says to give the skin a natural-looking matte finish for up to 8 hours. I didn't really believe the 'up to 8 hours thing, but still wanted to try it due to all the good reviews.

APPLICATION: I use this after my morning skincare routine, before putting on any make up. I just wait about 5-10 min. to let my moisturizer sink into my skin, and then apply it. I suggest you to just take little amounts and just apply it wherever you want it to be. I like to apply it to my t-zone and inner part of my cheeks. I take a little amount and start to spread it evenly on my skin. And I also like to reapply after putting on foundation but BEFORE putting on powder. I don't know why, but I guess it just works better for me that way. And yes, it does instantly reduces the size of your pores. The pore minimizing effect is really nice and gives you this flawless finish.

PRICE 3/5: The price is okay when you look at the quality of this. But it still isn't cheap, and you don't get that much product. But since you won't need a lot of product, it'll last you for quite some time.
PACKAGING 5/5: I like squeezy tubes, since you'll be able to get every little bit of product    out. 
LASTING POWER 3/5: The lasting power is just OK. Of course I didn't expect 8 hours of oil control, and it really doesn't control it for that long. But still, for a good 3-5 hours before I need to use blotting sheets or a mattifying powder. 
CONSISTENCY 5/5: It has a really nice moussy/creamy texture which easily blends and leaves a nice silky layer on your skin.
BUY AGAIN? YES: I do really like it, and it didn't break me out, so I guess I will be repurchasing this until I find a better one. 

this is how it comes out of the tube

blended into the skin (inivisible)

BTW, there was this little problem I had the next day I got it. I wanted to use it, but it came out really watery and weird. So my first thought was returning it, but then I tried shaking it for a couple of seconds and when I tried again, it wasn't watery anymore ^___^ So if you get the same problem, just try shaking it really good.

SO~~ that was my really long review. I hope it was helpful. Take care ^___~


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