Monday, February 13, 2012

CATRICE ~ Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder ~ Review~

Yeahh... another review >.<, but I'm pretty exited about this product (:

Catrice recently updated their collection, and this is one of the new items. I'm pretty exited about the update and I got three more things, but they will be reviewed seperately. Now i'm going to review the Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder

It's basically a translucent loose setting powder to set your base makeup (foundation/bb cream etc). It comes in a nice and sleek plastic packaging, with a screw cap and a sifter to get the product out. You pay €5,49 for 11 grams/0.38 oz of product, which is a pretty good price. Here is what the back says:

I'll start of by saying that most of the "claims" are true. It has nice matt effect, but it doesn't last for very very long. With my normal to combination skin I had to blot and touch up after 3/4 hours. It still controlled pretty well, but I don't know if it will work for people with oily skin. It did fix my foundation and didn't dry out my skin. It didn't even my complexion out (my foundation did >.<), because it's completely translucent, but it did leave me with a velvety-matt finish (not radiant though). It is very finely milled, but not as soft as a HD powder for instance. It definitely did not look cakey at all, and blended in very nicely. You really need a little for your entire face, so I think one of these will last you a pretty long time.
I think this will be my new 'favourite' setting powder for now, BUT I will be using it on top of another powder with a little more oil-control and coverage.

Ok, here are my ratings:

~ PRICE: 5/5, good price for a good amount of product and quality.
~ PACKAGING: 4/5, I always fall in love with the packaging of Catrice products, they're compact, chic and simple. But -1 point because I find the sifter holes a little too big, but I solved that problem (see pictures below)
~ TEXTURE: 4/5, nice and finely milled, so very easy to blend (doesn't leave a white cast either!), but not as soft as a HD powder (Catrice should seriously bring out a budget HD powder...(off topic))
~ BUY AGAIN?: Yes, probably.

^ Here I solved the sifter problem. I cut off half the sticker, so now the right amount of product will be coming out and it won't be a big mess everytime I open it ^___^ You can also poke some holes in the sticker, but I was removing this sticker with a completely empty mind, so when I came back to this world halfway removing the sticker, I was like "oh sh*t! wait.. where am I....". Hehehe.. but seriously, I think you should do this with all loose powders/mineral foundations, so it won't get all messy, just saying >.<

YES it looks all white and stuff, but it blends in completely
so I think people with a darker skintone will be able to use this as well (no white cast)

How I like to apply it: I used a little powder puff to put the powder on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and used a stippling brush to blend it out (<< my new favourite way of applying powder).

So overall this is a really nice setting powder and does (mostly) what it says. For me, the most important things with a powder are 1) non-cakeyness 2) oil-control 3) coverage (optional). I hate it when my face looks overly powdered and unnatural/cakey, and this did a really good job at not giving me a cake-face ^___^ BUT since the oil-control was decent and the coverage was non-existent (it's a translucent loose powder, duhh..), I'm not completely satisfied.. But still, I like it and I will continue using it.
I hope this was helpful. I'll post the review for the other products soon.
Take caree~ ^___~


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  2. to bad that that is doesnt work that well on a darker skin tone


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