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Helloo~ I haven't posted anything for a week O.O , but now I'm back with another review ^____^
Today I'm going to review the Cure Aqua Gel, one of my recently added HG (Holy Grail) products, which I showed in my BB Cream and Japanese skincare haul a while ago. This is a very popular product in Japan, it's an exfoliator.

I forgot to take the plastic wrapping off >.<

Let's start off with a little background information (: :
Cure is a product of Japan. It has been selling well in the market for the past 7 years and was ranked the No. 1 best seller across Japan in 2005, 2006 and No. 2 in 2007. Cure has created a record-breaking, 1 bottle sold every 20 seconds. The remarkable result is an affirmation that "Cure Works".

If you're into Asian cosmetics/beauty related stuff, then you've probably heard of this before. It always gets a lot of positive reviews, and not without a reason. What's also great is that they only did a little advertizing (scroll down to see the commercial). I think it mostly passed to others by people who used and loved it. It also doesn't have that cute packaging that most Asian beauty products have, but just a simple plastic bottle with a sanitary pump, which means that they are pretty confident about this product, since they don't think they'll need cute and appealing packaging.

The first time I heard about Cure, I was pretty amazed and wanted to try it out myself. So I did, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It's seriously amazing and like I said before, a new HG product for me.
What this does, is that it simply removes the dead skin cells from your skin, without harming it. It contains no coloring, preservatives, fragrance or alcohol and 91% of this is water. It's also called a "Facial In A Bottle", which is totally true.

~My own experience/how I use it:~
When I tried it for the first time, I got really excited when I saw little balls of dead skin cells coming off my face >.< I only used half a pump  for my entire face, and then got just a little more to exfoliate the more problematic part of my face which is my t-zone. Then the 2nd best part (best part is removing dead skin cells hehe ^___^) was rinsing my face. I rinsed it with cold water to close up all the pores. While rinsing I got amazed by how incredibly soft my skin felt, like baby skin soft.  But anyways, after patting my face dry (yes, PATTING, you should always pat your face dry!) my skin didn't feel dry like it normally would after washing/exfoliating my skin. And my moisturizer got absorbed  really well too (:

Let me just tell you a little bit about my skin. I have normal/combination skin and my t-zone can be pretty weird sometimes (this is the part I called problematic before). Most of the time it gets pretty oily, but my nose doesn't only get oily, but it gets dry/flaky at the same time (especially in the colder months) >.< I hate that dryness, because it can really ruin my makeup, and it doesn't matter how good I moisturize beforehand, it just stays there.  But after using this, the dryness/flakiness was gone, and my entire face was one smooth surface which made my makeup look a lot better (:

?????? ???????

So basically, this is the routine I like to follow when I use Cure:
1. I first start off by washing my face with a gentle face wash.
2. Then patting it dry with a towel.
3. Taking half a pump of this, I put it all over my face.
4. Then I like to wait about 30 seconds to make it react with my skin.
5. After doing that I start to gently massage my skin, to make the dead skin cells come off. Remember, you should massage, not rub because you'll only harm your skin and the gel can't do its work properly then.
6. I massage for about a minute, and then take just a little more (maybe less than half a pump).
7. Then I use that for my t-zone, again gently massaging.
8. After doing that for about 30 seconds, I rinse my face with cold water, and pat it dry with a towel.

I do this twice a week, and more than that probably won't be very good for your skin anyways. After doing this I just do my usual skincare routine. I also prefer to do this at nighttime, just because your face renews itself then. My skin condition did really improve, and feels a lot smoother and softer. I'm still waiting for it to make my blackheads go away, but that will probably take some time to improve.

It comes out like a clear white gel, which becomes liquid when applied to face.

Sorry, but I tried to capture the dead skin cells that came off on camera,  but I kind of failed.
Hope you can still get the idea of how it looks like >.<.

                           ?????? ??????? 

Here's the commercial:
You should really watch it, it explains a lot (:

I got mine from a seller on an online Dutch marketplace for €32. And the best place you could get this, which also ships worldwide, is Beautycarousel. There it is sold for $42 (€32) and you can also get free samples (you only have to pay shipping). Yes, it is a bit expensive, but I think it's really worth it. I'm really happy I found this product, and will definitely repurchase! Please keep in mind that everybody’s skin condition is different, and that it worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for everybody. I'm just judging this on what it did for me

I really hope you liked this review and that it was helpful. I'm going to post a lot more from now on, I promise ^____^ 

Take caree~~ ^_____~ 


  1. How does it work as a makeup remover? Or do you have to use a separate one for that? If I didn't already have my HG face wash (Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap), I would be ordering this right now! Glad to hear it works for you:)




    1. Oh no, this isn't a makeup remover >.< Sorry I was still in the process of correcting mistakes, but I accidentally posted it. I forgot to add that this is an exfoliator. And yes I use a seperate product for removing makeup(:

  2. Wow, seems like a lightweight product to use.


  3. this looks lovely!! :)



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