Tuesday, February 14, 2012


YAY~ Another tag ^___^  

blush or bronzer? ~ Blush, because it always makes me look healthy and glowy (:
lip gloss or lipstick? ~ Lipstick definitely. I really don't like anything glossy on my lips.
eye liner or mascara ~ Eyeliner, since I ALWAYS do a winged eyeliner.
foundation or concealer ~ Foundation, even though I have very very dark circles, I can always double it up (:
neutral or color eye shadow ~ Definitely neutral.

pressed or loose eye shadows ~ Pressed, I'm way too lazy to deal with the mess that loose shadows come with >.<
brushes or sponges ~ Brushes.

OPI or china glaze ~ I actually don't really know, because I only own 1 OPI nailpolish and none of CG.   
Long or short ~ Long
Acrylic or natural ~ Natural, acrylics don't look very good on me .__.
Brights or darks ~ Darks, but for summer time I prefer brights (:  
Flower or no flower ~ I love having all nails one colour and a single flower on my ring finger (:

jeans or sweat pants ~ Jeans.   
long sleeve of short ~ Long sleeve
dresses or skirts ~ Skirts
stripes or plaid ~ None actually >.<
flip flops or sandals ~ Flip flops
scarves or hats ~ SCARVES! I'm obsessed with turtleneck scarves atm ^___^
studs or dangly earrings ~ Studs
necklaces or bracelets ~ Necklaces, I'm in love with long/statement necklaces!
heels or flats ~ Heels, because I'm very short.. I love wedges, they're so comfy (:
cowboy boots or riding boots ~ None.
jacket or hoodie ~ None.
forever 21 or charlotte russe  ~ I don't really know Charlotte Russe and unfortunately we don't have F21 here in the Netherlands, which really sucks TT__TT
abercrombie or Hollister  ~ Abercrombie, I don't have anything from Hollister.

curly or straight ~ CURLY! I naturally have curly hair and really enjoy it (:
bun or ponytail  ~ Bun, ponytails make me look very childish >.<
bobby pins or butterfly clips ~ I actually have both in my hair right now, really can't choose..
hair spray or gel ~ Hair spray, gel doesn't really work for me.  
long or short ~ LONG!! I hate getting my hair cut..

light or dark  ~ Dark.

side fringe or full fringe ~ Side fringe. I do really want to try a full fringe though.
up or down ~ Down.

Rain or shine ~ Shine, makes my day a lot brighter (: 
Summer or winter ~ Even though I like the warmth in the summer, I love the winter a lot more, because of the cozyness and darkness, and not to forget the fashion =^___^= 
Fall or spring ~ Both, because fall is pre-winter and spring is after winter (:   
Chocolate or vanilla  ~ Can't choose! Both smell/taste yummy (:  

Special thanks to Amelia from Beauty Badger for tagging me. So THANK YOU AMELIA~ Go check out her blog; beautybadger.blogspot.com.
And I tag everyone who reads this, so definitely let me know if you are doing/already did this tag (: and.. 
what vday looked like for me =___=   lol.. (pic. from weheartit.com)

Take caree~ ^___~ 


  1. Loving your choices in this interview, it was fun to read!


  2. What a fun post loved reading specially the fashion.. jeans all the way :) x


  3. I love neutral color eye shadow too! really reay to handle :)

  4. I can tell i'll get addicted to answering questions like that, Your Blog is really really good
    Thanks for following me x


  5. Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    Love katrien
    from bowsarecute.blogspot.com


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