Monday, February 06, 2012

~ Drugstore Haul ~

Hello~ ^___^,
So yesterday I went to my drugstore (Kruidvat, can only be found in the Netherlands >.<), because there were a lot of discounts and great offers. And I decided to stock up on some thing, as well as try out new things.
So this is what I got:

1. Garnier Fructis Style - Styling Mousse Hydra-Boucles (curls) with bamboo extract ~ definition and shine, anti-frizz. ( 200 ml ~ €3,79)
~ I love this mousse! I naturally have curly hair, and this really helps to define my curls and give them a boost.

2. Garnier Fructis Style - Styling Mousse Volume Restructure XXL with bamboo extract ~ thermo-protect (200 ml ~  3,79) 
~ I really love this one as well. I use this along with the Hydra-Boucles mousse, and this also gives my hair a boost. This works best when you use a blow dryer afterwards and contains heat protection, which makes it a great 2in1 product.

3. Syoss Professional Peformance - Heat-Protect Styling Spray ~ protects up to 200°C, makes hair smooth and reduces frizzyness, non-sticky (250 ml ~  5,99)
~ I used this yesterday after showering, and after blowdrying, my hair was less frizzy than it would normally be, didn't feel dry and had a beautiful shine to it. It think this will be my new favourite heat protectant. 

4. Schwarzkopf Got2b - Smooth 'n chic Anti-Frizz lotion ~ soft and smooth hair, heat-protecting, contains UV-filter. (200 ml ~ €6,49)
This is my second bottle ^___^ I love it! I love to apply this on my hair in the morning, when I'm styling my hair and I use about 2 pea size amounts. Once before blow drying, once afterwards. Since I like voluminous   
curly hair, it tends to be very frizzy and this really helps with the frizziness. 

5. Labello Soft Rose (  2,09)
~ I just finished my 4th one, so of course I do reaally~ like it. It has a really nice scent and leaves my lips soft and moisturized while giving them a natural pink colour. What I also really like about it, is that it's matte (sounds weird right?). I don't really like anything glossy for my lips, and that includes lipbalms/chapsticks. For instance, I don't like Vaseline or Rosebud Salve. Not because it's not moisturizing, but because of the glossiness. Yeah.. I'm weird like that >.<

6. Essence My Skin Caring Cleansing wipes - pomegranate&bamboo ~ removes waterproof makeup, soft & gentle, moisturizing, alcohol-free and for all skin types. (25 pieces)  (  1,69)
~ I think this is already my 5th pack, and so far I lovelovelove this (: The biggest reason for my love for this product is that it's very moist, unlike other makeup removing wipes that I tried (which were overpriced as well ;Nivea, Garnier). And also, since I hate using cotton pads for removing eye makeup because they soak up all the makeup remover =__=, I like to use half the wipe for my face, then fold it and use the other half for eye makeup by adding some makeup remover. This way I use waaayy~ less makeup remover than I would use for a cotton pad. It has a very pleasant scent, kind of pomegranateish I guess, and it doesn't dry out my skin. Didn't break me out either. And for the price I would really recommend these! (unfortunately you can only get Essence in some places in Europe, like Germany and Ireland, at least as far as I know...).

I also got a lot of back-ups.. I have 2 back-ups for both of the Garnier mousses (so in total I have 6 bottles of mousse... it was buy 1 get 1 free >.<), 1 back-up on the Got2be anti-frizz and 1 on the Syoss heat protectant (buy 2 get 2 free on some brands, including Got2be and Syoss). Don't blame me, I just like saving money okay >.<

I also picked up some things from the Essence LE Cristaliced Collection, but I will do a seperate post/review on that.

Ok so this ended up being a haul+review, but that doesn't matter. Please let me know if you want a full post on any of these products. I hope you liked this post, and if you like my blog then please subscribee~
Take caree~   ^____~



  1. Love Labello Soft Rose lipbalm!

  2. The Schwarzkopf product sounds great!! I'll have to keep an eye out for it when I'm shopping next:):) xxx


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