Monday, February 13, 2012

CATRICE ~ Updated Collection ~ Review+Haul ~

So recently, Catrice updated their collection and added some wonderful items. I always get really exited when they update, and always end up buying stuff I won't be using anyways. So this time, I only got the things I really wanted to try out/needed. This is what I got:

1. Ultimate Nail Laquer in Salmon & Garfunkel ~ 10 ml - €2,49
2. Ultimate Nail Laquer in Genius In The Bottle ~ 10 ml - €2,49
3. Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder ~ €5,49 ( I already did a review on this, click here for the review)
4. Absolute Eye Colour in Oh, It's Toffeeful! ~ 2 g/0.07 oz - €2,79

I'm just going to review them one by one:

1. Ultimate Nail Laquer in Salmon & Garfunkel
~ This is a really nice salmon/peachy colour with no shimmers and a cream finish. It's perfect for spring and great for everyday since it's very neutral and nothing crazy (great for work/school). You do need at least 2 coats for this to look nice and opaque.
Salmon & Garfunkel
2. Ultimate Nail Laquer in Genius In The Bottle 
~ I really like this one as well. Especially because it kinda looks like Chanel's Peridot, which I would love to have, but I don't like spending that much money on just one nailpolish (one very, very pretty nailpolish...). It's hard to decribe, but I guess it's like a gold with a green/blueish sheen to it (?). The sheen doesn't completely show up on your nails, which is too bad because I would love this even more then. Here is a comparison between Catrice and Chanel:

They look pretty similar, don't they?

Here are the two nailpolishes on a nailwheel;

Salmon & Garfunkel looks a tad bit darker than in the bottle and Genius In The Bottle just looks like a darker metallic gold. I couldn't capture the green/blueish sheen on camera, but in real life you can kinda see it. These two nailpolishes last about 2 days without chipping (I didn't even use a top coat >.<), which is pretty good and they won't need to last any longer for me because I will get bored of my nails after 2 days (: Well worth the price and really affordable.
Catrice also updated their nailpolish applicators, and now they are rounded which really makes it a lot easier and quicker to apply nailpolish.With these applicators, you only need one single swipe to cover your entire nail.

3. Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder 
~ I already did a review on this, click here for the review

4. Absolute Eye Colour in Oh, It's Toffeeful! 
~ This is a very nice shimmery golden/light brownish colour (kind of toffee-ish colour?) and looks great in the crease, all over the lid and as a inner corner/browbone highlight. The colour payoff is good as well and the price is very good. I really don't have anything bad to say about it, since I'm a big fan of Catrice eyeshadows (I will do a blog post with swatches of all the Catrice eyeshadows I own). The texture is very nice, kind of creamy and not chalky. And no fall-outs ^___^

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  1. I love the Genius in a Bottle polish! The color is so lovely.

  2. I've never heard of Catrice! The products sound great though x

    1. they really are (: but unfortunately you can only get Catrice in some countries in Europe.

  3. I've never heard of Catrice. The nail polishes look so pretty! Also, I just tagged you in the This or That tag. The questions are on my blog! :) xxxx

  4. The catrice nail polish is so rich in golden..nice ^^ and tnx for following my blog...followed u :)

    1. no probs, thanks for following me ^___^


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