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~ SKIN79 Hot Pink Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream ~ REVIEW ~

Hello c: Yes another review, because I'm finally getting around to review all the products I showed in my BB cream and Japanese Skincare haul a while ago. 

So today I'll be reviewing the SKIN79 Hot Pink Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream (I don't even know if I'm saying it in the right order).

This is the first bb cream I've ever tried, and I got it for €18,79 at BB Cream ShopThis is the first online BB cream shop in the Netherlands, and I wanted to get it from somewhere that wouldn't sell fake bb creams. The package arrived within 3 days (I paid €4,50 for shipping) which is really fast. Of course you can get it a lot cheaper somewhere else, like this place. Yes I know there are a lot of fakes on ebay, but a lot of youtubers got their bb cream from this seller, and it was definitely not fake and they were very satisfied. The prices are very low compared to the original prices and this seller also ships for free (: (worldwide)

I'll just start off by telling you a little background story about bb cream. 

Blemish Balm Cream (or Beblesh Balm), most of the time called bb cream, is one of the best selling beautyproducts in Asia. This cream was developed in Germany and was initially used by dermatologics for the very sensitive skin of patients, who had undergone laser surgery, because of its characteristic soothing and skin-regenerating properties. Famous South Korean actresses then started using it for beauty purposes and since korean dramas and hallyu are huge, a craze was born.
Korean cosmetic companies got aware of this and thus developed their own formulas to make it availabe for a larger audience. The trend that started in Korea first spread to Japan then to South East Asia and has now quickly made its way to Europe and the USA.

BB cream is a multi-purpose product since most of the bb creams have multiple benefits to them, like whitening and anti-wrinkle properties, high spf, moisturizing and acting as a makeup base. I do want to point out that whitening doesn't mean it's actually going to "whiten" your skin. The whitening ingredient in most bb creams is called Arbutin, which is known for preventing the formation of melanin and is therefore used as a skin-lightening agent. But because the amount of Arbutin isn't very big in bb creams, it won't do anything drastic. It will most likely even out your complexion, by fading acne scarring, freckles etc. And even this won't happen instantly and will take some time. 

Ok so now on to the review. Like I said, this is de very first bb cream I've ever tried and I'm very satisfied with it. I did a lot (when I say a lot, I mean A LOT) of research on bb creams before buying it, like watching YT videos, reading a ton of reviews on Makeupalley and other blogs etc.. The first time I heard of bb cream was in a makeup tutorial on youtube and I got curious about what it was, so decided to do some research. I stumbled across a lot of bb creams, but in the end I just got this one, because a lot of people recommended it for people who just started discovering the world of bb cream. 

This bb cream is called the triple functions bb cream, because of the 3 properties it has; whitening, anti-wrinkle and SPF25/PA++. I didn't see a lot of improving in the scar healing, but I do feel like it's fading my freckles, which is a good thing. I can't say anything about the anti-wrinkle property since I don't have wrinkles ><. And because of the high SPF, this bb cream is perfect for summer. It's very moisturizing and doesn't dry out my skin. And this is very important: even tough this is kind of a skincare product, you do need to wash it off before sleeping.

The colour of this is a lighter beige and has a grey cast to it (that will go away after oxidizing). There is also a VIP gold label edition of this one which is for dry skin, but since I have normal/combo skin with an oily t-zone I got this one, since it also has oil control.

Here's a SKIN79 bb cream chart, to find out which one is the best for you (click to enlarge):

Ok, so here are my ratings for this bb cream:

PRICE 4/5= The price is just ok. Not too expensive, but also not the cheapest. But that's only because I got mine for about €19. I could get it for cheaper, but I was afraid of the fake ones out there, so I avoided eBay. But still since it's kind of a foundation, skincare product and sunscreen in one, I think the price I paid for it is pretty reasonable and really worth it since you get 40 gr. of product.

PACKAGING 4/5= It's by far one of the most cutest looking bb cream packaging that I've seen. And it has a pump, which is really easy to control and very hygienic. I took one point off tough, because it doesn't have a cap or anything, which makes it hard to travel with without spilling any product.

Cute & hygienic pump

CONSISTENCY 5/5= It has a really nice, thick and creamy consistency. I heard some people complain about the thickness, and how it was hard to spread it evenly out, but I really have no problems with that. It can feel a little heavy, but I don't really mind that. You shouldn't put on more than 2 layers though, because it can look cakey that way.

COVERAGE 4/5= I'm pretty satisfied with the coverage. I bought this product knowing that it wouldn't give me medium/full coverage. If I've bought this product, expecting that it would give me a lot of coverage, I would have given it 3/5. It will give you light/medium coverage, depending on how you apply it (sponge: light coverage, fingers: more coverage). I don't recommend applying this with a brush though since it might end up looking streaky. This does have a grey cast, but it will oxidize within 15 min. (this is just for me, it might take longer or shorter for you).

SCENT 4/5= This has a pretty heavy sunscreen scent, but I do like it even though I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning. Some people will like it, some will not.

BUY AGAIN: NOT SURE= I really like it, but I want to try out other bb creams as well. So if they don't work for me I'll just return to this one. And if I do repurchase I will get it from eBay, because that way I'll be saving a lot of money (:

APPLICATION: I apply this after my daily skincare routine and I hardly use a full pump, about a pea size amount. I mix this with my foundation to get more coverage. When I go to  school I will use more foundation, and in the weekends I will use more BB cream for a more natural look. I use my fingers to apply both BBcream and foundation since I find it is a lot easier to blend that way, and I feel like I get a lot more coverage.

Click to enlarge
A lot of people also complained about getting breakouts from this, and so did I. But no major breakouts, just two on my forehead. But I'm not even sure if it's because of the bb cream since it was around my time of the month >< After those breakouts I didn't get any. And this is also the bb cream I keep returning to, because my Missha bb cream keeps breaking me out because of the mineral oil it contains (I just don't want to give up on it ; - ;). But I'll do a review on the Missha one later. 
If I use this bb cream on it's own, it won't do a lot in terms of coverage. It will just even out my skintone (redness etc.) and cover some minor scarring.

Now on to the swatches (all of these are taken in natural (day) light in front of a window):

As you can see it has a very gray cast.

This is after blending. The gray cast is still there, but after oxidizing it's supposed
to match your skin color perfectly.

Here you can see all the ingredients (click to enlarge):

The text on the packaging (I sharpened the pic. to make it more clear):

Text on the bottle itself:

^ I forgot to take a separate picture of it, but right where the white arrow is in this pic., you can see a little sticker. This shows you that it is an original product and not fake.

I know this was a very long review, but I hope it was helpful. I do really recommend this bb cream, because it's one of the most popular bb creams out there, so I don't think If you have any questions about this bb cream then please let me know in the comments. My next review is probably going to be about the Missha bb cream, so keep an eye out for that (:

Have a nice day and take care c:


  1. I have heard so many great things about BB creams, but havent tried any. This is such a helpful and informative post. Thank you!

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  4. Hi, what a great review! It is really informative! I am very curious to try BB creams but i want to find some with good coverage since i always use foundation and have REALLY dark eye circles hahaha. Keep the good work!

  5. I love the packaging on this cream!!!

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  6. Wonderful review! So detailed and informative, I love it! :D I've heard so many good things about bb creams, but I have yet to try one. You're encouraging me even more!

    Also wanted to say thank you for following me. Following back! :D

    1. I'm glad you liked it (: you should really try it, it's so much better than regular foundation. and thank you so much for following me ^____^

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  10. If i found out the BB Cream give me breakouts i won't apply it to my face anymore coz BB Cream is use to heal the acne as well as to give our face a coverage almost like a concealer. I won't take the risk even the product cost me something. Huhu.

    You have a great blog. I love to read some of yours review on beauty product. I see you love kpop n kdrama too *high five*

    1. You are right about that, but I just can't let go of the Missha one, idk why... Thank you, I love your blog as well ^____^ And yaayy, fellow kpop&kdrama loving blogger =^____^=

  11. great review! i was just about to buy skin79 bb cream. currently using missha and its been great but wanted to try out other stuff!

    The Ugly Moments

    1. thanks! and you should really try others! btw, did the missha bb cream break you out? just asking >.<

    2. ive used missha for almost 3mths i think and i havent experienced any break outs, its been good to me lol anyway ive followed you too!

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  16. Aww I actually used to use this BB Cream! But you know what, ALL BB creams I've tried broke me out so I kind of just gave up on them. Besides, their shades usually don't match my skintone anyway. I was young and impressionable I guess that I kept buying more, haha. In the end I gave all my BB creams to my sister and sister in law, lol. Great review, very thorough!

    1. aww that's too bad :( and thank you I'm glad you liked it (:

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